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First of all Planning an outfit is really importtant. 

Be it a fancy Fund Raiser or a regular Girl’s night out, I’ve always loved to dress-up for any occasion. 

Secondly, People around me have always being warm, welcoming & showered me with the compliments.

Subsequently, these complements often inspire me to put that extra effort ‘to look better than yesterday’. So, I plan my outfit for every occasion and above all, checkout my outfit details in my ShopyStyle link .


FabPepper is a Fashion & food blogger. Fabpepper loves to shop. Checkout FabPepper’s fashion reviews, food reviews, click on shoppable links to check outfit details from instagram.

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#Fridays in #FabPepper is all about Fashion reviews & food reviews. 

First of all transitioning from Office outfits ‘corporate fashion’ to ‘weekend party fashion’ is a super tedious task. 

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Shopping is my favorite hobby. I’ve always searched for the store to shop trendy fashionable outfits at an affordable price.

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