Driving on a frozen lake in Minnesota

Driving on a lake? aka #frozenlake is only possible in Minnesota a real #winter wonderland

Frozen lake in Minnesota
Frozen lake in Minnesota

Living in Minnesota specially in #winter is no less than an adventure. Winters here are full of #snow storms followed by colder temperature, roads filled with sleet and snow around the walkways, frozen lakes. Certainly it’s a true Winter wonderland.

Frozen lake in Minnesota

But hey, #Minnesota has a lot more than that ! It’s such an awesome feeling to be able to walk on a lake, aka #frozenlake . This is only possible in Minnesota which is a real #winter wonderland #onlyinMN .

And what if I tell you that you can actually drive on a frozen lake ?! Checkout my instagram profile for more pictures on frozen lake . This is one my favorite winter activities, walking and driving on a #frozenlake specially on Lake #minnetonka !

What’s the best time ?

In northern Minnesota, late January and February is the time when the temperature drops extremely below zero degrees and most of the lakes are completely frozen ! pictures on frozen lake Seems like, late January and February is the best time of the year for activities on a frozen lake.

Find a day or a weekend when the temperature is warmer and try to explore the frozen lake. Before you start walking or driving on a #frozenlake, look for signs if its a good day to do any activity on a frozen lake.

Activities on a frozen lake

Frozen lake in Minnesota

Minnesota has really good winter activities specially on a frozen lake. Few activities are:
Driving car #drivingonafrozenlake
Photography of #winterwonderland
Ice #skating
Dog sledding
But beware, there’s equal amount of danger associated if you are not careful.
Also, look for signs if there’s thin ice – which means its not good to walk or drive your car or ice skating on that day.

Famous frozen lakes in Minnesota

Here are a few famous frozen lakes around Minneapolis Minnesota that I’ve explored over the years:
Lake of the Isles
Lake Minnetonka
Medicine Lake
Lake Bde Maka Ska also known as Lake Calhoun

Winter gear before entering #frozen lake

In contrast to the picture I posted in this blog post doesn’t have a lot of #winter gear #lol , trust me, you need to have really good winter shoes and layer up the thermals, gloves, mittens and hand and feet warmers are a must.
Furthermore, Checkout my favorite puffer coats :

I hope you enjoyed this article on activities on a #frozenlake , check out more articles on various other topics here and checkout my instagram .


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