The best coffee places around Minneapolis

coffee places around Minneapolis
5 best coffee places around Minneapolis

A freshly brewed coffee’s aroma is one of the greatest inventions ever.
Be it to kick start the day or a place for friends to get-together after a long day of work or choosing a spot for a last minute date, we all choose a nearby coffee bistro.
Are you looking for a place like that?

I love to explore new coffee flavors, bistros and I also love to write reviews on the taste, ambience and service in my instagram and through my blogs. Read through to browse my favorite bistros places around the city.


Firstly, the aroma of brewed coffee; secondly a cozy wooden rustic architecture and freshly brewed coffee – served with a warm smile. What else can one ask for in a cafe bistro?
Their trademark house crafted drinks:
Spygirl (lavender and Honey Latte)
Caramella (which is with Caremel and vanilla latte)
Hit & Run (espresso)
and many more of their signature drinks.

Spyhouse coffee

#DRUG sign from the #Spyhouse cafe reminded us of our #caffeine addiction to this cafe and their signature collection.

In addition to all the features, the view of fresh coffee grounds roasted in their specialized roster enhances all the conversations.

Peace Coffee Capella Tower

Another interesting place to start your day is this ultra #modern cafe which has a specialized house-roasted coffee & oven fresh pastries served in a cozy lounge! is the best possible description to this bistro.

Furthermore, their trademark of Peace Capella Tower is a cappuccino – with the perfect ratio of froth and #espresso gives me all the cravings. Oh and don’t forget to try their tasty earl grey currant scone.

Smith Eden Prairie

A contemporary cafe in a cozy mid century #brickhouse setup with the tastiest coffee and yummiest pastiest will the best description to this bistro.
Most of all this place is definitely a contender for the #best date place around #Minneapolis. Their collection of pastries and home made ice cream is so unique and rare. I’ve visited this place multiple times & reviewed it on my insta.

A contemporary cafe in a cozy mid century modern setup with the tastiest coffee and yummiest pastiest will the best description to this bistro. This place is definitely a contender for the #best date place around Minneapolis. Maybe its time to call that that special someone for a date 😉 wink wink .

Smith’s signature is latte. Try that for sure.

Penny’s Coffee

While it’s snowing heavily in the downtown Minneapolis, we all have an urge to sip a warm drink with a soothing warm snack. And this place gives you all those yummy choices along with the warm cozy vibes.

Even more, this very bistro is located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and has both outdoor and indoor area to enjoy your coffee and meal.
Penny’s cafe is known for their signature menu items:
Golden Latte
Match #Latte
#crepes , specially #banana Nocciolata is a must try

Nadia Cakes

Certainly, a freshly roasted #coffee with oven fresh custom cakes and #cupcakes and the most prettiest decor is Nadia cakes specialty. Most noteworthy, they have #gluten free and #keto options which is probably the best thing we’ve ever heard.

coffee places around Minneapolis
Nadia cakes

Trademark coffee and cupcakes of Nadia cakes:
Red velvet cupcake
#Brownie cupcake

Above all, the service and ambience is as outstanding as their Cappuccino !! Try it out and let me known if you liked it. Checkout this link for more deets!

Did you like my favorite bistro’s list? Check them out and give me all the details. If you liked my post, browse my other blog posts here and follow me on instagram.


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