The story behind my Coffeemaker !

Hello Coffee Lover!

I’m Hiran, a #coffeelover and I assume you are one too!! Research and studies proved that drinking a cup of coffee per day is definitely safe.
Do you like the Aroma of freshly brewed coffee from your CoffeeMaker?? Yes?!?
You are in the right coffee blog post.

I proudly welcome you to my first coffee article.

To clarify, that’s me brewing some Nespresso. Ah! the fragrance is fantastic – every sip of coffee reminds my childhood coffee memories. By the way, there’s a discount sale going on for Nespresso, check out below links.


Grandpa said “Is coffee #decoction ready?? Do you want me to heat the milk?” Meanwhile, he would arrange the serving tray with coffee, cups, sugar bowl.

I belong to a South Indian family and every morning started with making ‘Filter coffee’. You’ll have to brew finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter.

Want some filter coffee?

Indian filter coffee powder is a combination of #arabicabeans and #robustabeans (medium roast). These beans are grounded and mixed with Chicory root powder. As a result, the brewed coffee is served with Milk and froth. Filter coffee is the best. In other words, the Coffeemaker is the steel cylindrical jar that we see in the below image.

The love for freshly brewed coffee from Indian CoffeeMaker – filter coffee.

That was a memory from those awesome #childhood #coffee days.

And there you go! filter “kaappii”

Nespresso - Modern coffee maker
Nespresso – Modern Coffee maker

My Nespresso story

My day begins with an aromatic flavor of freshly brewing “Qahwah” from my Nespresso machine, these visuals of freshly brewed coffee into the flagon fills my day with glory!

*“Qahwah” is the Arabic term from the coffee.

The Nespresso coffee machine brews a lot of foam along with coffee, which makes it Unique. For instance, all the coffee capsules give a very thick foam.

My favorite coffee flavors

Well, there are plenty of flavors offered by Nespresso. ‘Giornio’ and ‘Odacio’ are my personal favorites.
These 2 flavors have a combination of medium roasted ‘Arabica’ coffee beans and ‘Robusta’ beans.
Most importantly, I think thats what makes it’s taste closer to the taste of Indian filter coffee.

Giorno (Intensity 4)

Firstly, Giornio is my top contender. Adding milk to Giornio gives you are smooth velvety texture. As a result it gives you the taste of a fine coffee that’s is brewed from an experienced Barista. Ahhh! too tasty.

Odacio (Intensity 7) 

Secondly, Odacio is a medium roasted coffee. Adding some steamed milk gives you a fine biscuity texture. As a result, a fresh coffee with rich flavor is served at your own kitchen at a very minimal price.

In addition to the above flavors, there are a lot more flavors available in Nespresso.

However, there are some days where I’m in need of a strongly brewed #coffee (without sugar if possible) and some are the days where I need just a flavorful coffee with lots of sugar and extra foam.

But the choice depends on what you are craving for the day, isn’t it?

The love for freshly brewed coffee from different CoffeeMaker (s). How similar is the taste of Indian Filter Coffee the modern coffeemaker Nespresso !?!


Above all, be it an Indian filter coffee or Nespresso, I love to explore new coffee flavors, Coffee Baristas to review the taste, ambience and service.

In conclusion, follow my instagram and read my reviews on coffee baristas.

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