Travel tips! namaste !

Less luggage, more comfort – is one of the best travel tips.

follow the mantra !
Fabpepper's Travel Tips
Fabpepper’s Travel Tips

Who doesn’t have a dream vacation in their mind ? Do you plan last minute trips?
Are you traveling on a business trip, or a fun get-together, or attending a special event or planning a short vacation; Here are some amazing tips that will turn you from a travel pioneer to an expert. Checkout my travel outfits here.

And, here are some travel tips that I’ve gathered over the time which will make your flight journey a super relaxed and comfortable one.

Less luggage, more comfort! This is the best travel tip ever!!!

Pack all the essentials, but remember “less is more”. Plan your outfits, accessories, and shoes way in advance. And then, there’s the usual list of extra pair of socks, a towel etc. etc.
And hello, don’t forget the most important thing, packing ‘tooth brush n paste’ – this is the part that I forget all the time, giggles.

Layer Up! (travel tips)

Firstly, Layer up !
You never know if its going to be super cold or uncomfortably hot inside the flight. so, dressing up in layers saves your day!

fabpepper's travel tips
fabpepper’s travel tips

Pick the right outfit 🙂

Secondly, pick the right outfit !
Who doesn’t love to dress-up comfortably, soft, cushiony pajamas. But trust me its a big NO! Pick a decent outfit, top it with a scarf and layer it with a coat or cardigan. and yeah, don’t forget comfortable yet good looking shoes. Checkout my Airport looks in my instagram

Check-in early

Checking-in your baggage early is an important step and this makes your journey wayyyy relaxed & stress free. And more over, early check-in saves your wait-time.

Try for free upgrades – travel tip V

Ariving early, dress elegant n wear your best makeup ‘your smile’ and check if they can upgrade your seat for free. Try your luck. It worked for me few times lol.

Pick the right seat

Early check-in lets you pick a seat (if you are lucky, the airlines may not charge you). Pick the right seat of your preference. Usually, taller flyers opt for an aisle seat & nappers go for window seat – I fall under second category, I love to nap on a plane – no disturbance please!!!

If you dint get your favorite seat, check for an empty seat at the back. If you are lucky, you may get a place which is less noisy.

Make Economy Feel Like 1st Class

Once u board the flight, “Pamper yourself”. I enjoy a nighttime routine. And why should i have one while i travel? So, I make sure I carry the essentials. Sheet masks, face moisturizer, lip balm and Zzzzzz, good night.

Don’t use all the leg room – travel advice

Carry small handbag where u can store your luxuries n store your cabin baggage in the overhead bin.

Airport lounge is your best friend

Head off to one of those amazing looking lounges, grab a good snack. Treat yourself to an amazing continental meal, splurge! Totally worth it.

Less Soda or Alcohol

Reduce caffine, soda or alchohol, as they make you dehydrated and the air inside the cabin is super dry – which may make you uncomfortable.

Hydrate – best travel tips

Hydrate, but not toooooo much, you know how those restrooms in the airplanes are!

Remember to maintain your Hygiene

Remember to maintain your Hygiene. And I’m not kidding. I had a fellow passenger who din’t Brush and imagine what I must have gone through !lol ! but seriously, it’s the worst experience that no one deserves lol ! That being said, maintaining Hygiene is essential – for you and others.

The most essential one amongst all the travel tips is Electronics !

Load ur phone with your favorite podcasts or load some calming music (this option is not for me though, haha). Don’t forget those ‘Noise cancelling’ headphones, they are totally worth it when your co-passenger snores, lol !

Charger for your electronics – the must

Furthermore, don’t forget to carry an extra charging pack or an extra battery for all your electronics 🙂 . You don’t want to run out of battery while listening to your favorite podcasts or favorite songs 🙂 .

That being said, hoping you enjoyed reading my article about travel tips & I hope these tips will turn you from a travel pioneer to an expert ! Happy journey.

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  1. These days I don t go anywhere without a spare battery for my camera, charged up and ready for action. That way you re always ready for epic travel photography situations like cotton-candy sunsets, wildlife encounters, or postcard-worthy street scenes.

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