Valentine Magic ! Adding #Red to the Outfit !

What’s a better gift than love?! My Valentine !

Get ready for Valentine
Numerous ways to add #Red to the Valentine Outfit

“Will you be my valentine ?” she asked !
“Isn’t life beautiful, if you have someone special to hold hands to watch a beautiful sunset, to share that last bite of your favorite #chocolate , who enjoys your silly jokes, having that special person around – whose presence brightens your day instantly, who stands by you through all walks of your life, who kisses you goodnight ?” she said, ‘All I want is your love not diamonds and definitely not a castle’.

Love is the only ingredient thing brings joy to your heart ! Being loved by is definitely a biggest #gift that one can ever ask!
For that very reason, never hesitate to put that extra effort to express love to your valentine !

Red is considered to be the color of love. Here are my favorite ways to wear #red to express #love to that special someone during this Valentine’s week and these make good gifts too.

Red Lipstick

If you are going on a Valentine’s date, put on that Red lipstick, which instantly brightens any look ! What can be a better way to express love than wearing a bright red lipstick ? Checkout my instagram for more #REDLIP looks 🙂 .
Also, it makes a perfect gift for your girlfriend ! Here’s my favorite collection of Red lipsticks :

Red Scarf

Is something missing in your Valentine’s day outfit and you don’t know what that is? Red scarf is your savior !
Add a red scarf to instantly spice up your outfit. Plus, in the winters, with the snow in the background, #redscarf brightens your look !

Here’s my go to place for unisex scarfs, buy them for yourself or gift them to your loved ones:

Red accessories for V-day

Earrings for girls and #red hats for both the genders are the most popular accessories of all time!
More over, the hats are so much on trend these days – which make a perfect gift.
Checkout my collection of hats in my ‘ shop with me’ page of my blog.

Decorate the room for your Valentine !

What’s more romantic than decorating a room for your valentine ? Sparkle the room with heart shaped balloons, light some candles and decorate with lovely red roses, create a romantic ambiance 😉 🙂
I completely believe in gifting a wonderful romantic experience as a gift. After all love can never be measured with any materialistic things !

The red dress for Valentine’s day

I’m sure we are good at picking the perfect outfit for the perfect date.
And if you are big on dresses, what can be a better choice than a red dress ? A beautiful Red dress! wow ! Browse through few of my favorites below:

The red shirt / blouse

They say, When in doubt wear red ! For both guys and girls, the red shirt instantly spices up the entire look. And it makes a simple yet a perfect gift.

Most importantly, love is the only thing that one ever needs and Valentine’s week is a perfect time to express all your love to your valentine.

All you need is to express love ! After all love can never be measured with any materialistic things ! Sharing an experience and spending time with your loved ones is the biggest gift that one can ever ask for !

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